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faulhaber0217Faulhaber expands with the brushless DC servo motor 2264 ... BP4 the powerful family BP4. The four-pole motor reaches a torque of 59 mNm at only 140 g weight and a diameter of 22 mm. It also provides up to 34.500 min-1, The reason for the high performance, the new segment-winding of the coil, which is designed for brushless DC motors of BP4 family.

Thanks to the overlapping, individually wound segments, a particularly large amount of copper can be accommodated in the coil. Desirable side effect is the large winding symmetry with minimal losses and correspondingly high efficiency.

Thanks to the compact spool, there is enough space for a load-bearing shaft with 4 mm diameter and suitable storage. With its low moment of inertia, the engine is well suited for dynamic start / stop operation. It is also overloadable, works without wear-prone mechanical commutation and therefore achieves a much longer service life than conventional DC micromotors. It can be used at temperatures between -40 ° and + 125 ° C.

Integrated analogue Hall sensors as an option can replace an encoder in most applications and determine the position of the output shaft very accurately. For high-precision applications, additional compatible optical and magnetic encoders are available.

The motor is suitable, among other things, for industrial automation and handpieces of electric tools.
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