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promicon0117Promicon has the high-speed system "Varimotion"Extended by servo drives for small motors. This gives the designer the opportunity to use servo and linear motors with a very small design in multi-axis applications with a high clock rate.

For small motors, operation with line-commutated servo drives is difficult, as the dimensions of connectors and cables require a suitable minimum size due to the high voltages and the resulting requirements for electrical insulation. In addition, the size of the motors can not be arbitrarily reduced, as well as appropriate isolation measures are required.

One way out of this situation is to reduce the DC link voltage to below 70 V. This significantly reduces component isolation requirements and significantly reduces the size of motors, connectors, and cables. The devices are very flexible and include a programmable feedback interface as standard for Endat, Hiperface, Biss, SSI, RS422, sine cosines and resolvers. The winding data can be freely parameterized, which means that virtually any brushless motor can be operated right through to the pure DC motor.

The DC link voltage is 20 to 70 VDC, which also allows operation on the 24 V control voltage. In addition, a rectifier is installed to allow direct connection to an isolating transformer. Depending on the version, the continuous output current is 2,5 to 10,0 Arms. For cooling, no additional measures are required, the devices can be mounted directly next to each other. The servo drives are freely programmable and include extensive technology functions in order to be able to implement special tasks such as complete movement and function sequences. This effectively relieves higher-level systems of time-critical coordination tasks.

In addition to 6 inputs and 4 outputs, interfaces to the established industrial networks Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat and CAN open are available. With regard to functional safety, the controllers generally include a connection for safe torque switching (STO) according to EN 13849 PL e (SIL 3). Optionally, the motion based functions SS0, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS and SDI can be added.
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