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adrive0416The NEMA 17 ZEN Hollow Shaft Actuator A drive offers a novel magnetic design that gives the stepper motor previously unattainable properties. The features include a very high accuracy, a very compact design and a noiseless run. The stepper motor can be flexibly adapted to almost any application and opens up numerous new applications, which were previously reserved for larger series.

They are small but extremely efficient: Lin Engineering / Moons' NEMA 17 ZEN stepper motors operate with very high accuracy of ± 1.5 angular minutes in a single step operation of 1 / 64. Thus, the new actuator offers three times the precision of comparable actuators. This high resolution, as well as the improved runnability, is due to the unique, patented magnetic design of the stepper motors. The special design gives the stepper motor never before achieved properties. While the classic stepper motor generates the radial magnetic field via a disk magnet between the laminated cores, the NEMA 17-ZEN stepper motor has a ring magnet mounted outside in the stator core. The magnetic flux is conducted over the outer winding of the stator.

A-Drive offers the NEMA 17 ZEN stepper motors in three series, including a hollow shaft. This variant has a large bore diameter of up to 11 mm and opens up many new application areas for designers, which previously required larger series.
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