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epsg0416The Actuators AG25 and AG26 of Siko are now available with Powerlink interfaces. They are supplied with extensive PLC open motion libraries and can be connected to Powerlink controllers easy to start up. Due to the ultra-compact dimensions positioning tasks can be performed fully automatically decentralized and even in confined spaces.

The actuator AG25 is functional in only 80 mm diameter Very. The AG26 builds slightly larger, provides for up to 13 Nm torque. The drives feature a hollow shaft with clamp ring for easy mounting. Engine, transmission, power and control electronics, as well as bus communication and position controller are integrated in the actuators so that in the field, only the bus and a 24 V DC power supply must be supplied.

In addition, a high-precision multi-turn absolute encoder is integrated, which detects the position of the drive shaft and the rotation of the shaft in the currentless state of the actuator. Even large travel ranges with 2500 min-1 and more are no problem.

The actuators have 2 Powerlink interfaces with which they can be easily integrated into a line topology with daisy-chain wiring. About the Powerlink network provide diagnostic values ​​like stage temperature, motor current, and various voltage values.

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