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kocomotion0415On the integrated stepper motor drives presented koco Motion now a high-torque option. The stepper motors "Lexium mdrive"Offer up to 50% more torque in the size Nema 23. This applies to all three motor lengths: single stack (single motor length), double stack and triple stack. The High-torque motors are available for the same installation space as motors without this option.

The Lexium Mdrive 23 can now apply a maximum holding torque of 3 Nm, for example, with the 120 stack motor with a length of only 2,9 mm without connector. A special magnet design allows the Torquefunktion.

The drives are therefore available in three versions: as a reduced-power motor, standard motor and premium motor. With the reduced-power stepper motor, you can not work on the characteristic curve of the motor because there is no feedback via encoder. Therefore, always a certain security is planned. If the standard motor has a feedback signal, you can work close to the characteristic limit. For the readjustment and prevention of step loss, the patented closed-loop control HMT (Hybrid Motion Technology) enables servo-like running properties via the optional integrated encoder without expensive tuning. Finally, with the high-torque version, the characteristic limit can be reached, which doubles the torque compared to the standard version.

Such torque motors are used, for example, in the 3D Printer, where they precisely move the three axes. Or it can be accurate delivery movements in the format adjustment, for example, in printing machines, woodworking machines and "pick and place" applications implement.
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