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Again and again it is the life that brings a mechanically commutated DC motor due to the spark erosion and mechanical friction to its limits. But as soon as applications require a correspondingly high runtime, the brushless DC motors by koco Motion as an alternative because they are commuted electrically. Only the wear of plain or ball bearings limits the lifetime here.

However, many designers avoid the use of brushless DC motors because they require additional electronics to control them. A solution for those who want to have it easier, now offers the Dauchinger manufacturer and distributor of compact, highly integrated, electric drives and controls with its series of brushless DC motors with integrated electronics.

Iron-cored motors are used, which can be easily controlled using Hall sensors and integrated electronics. They offer all the advantages of a brushless DC motor. In particular with regard to interference suppression and service life, the differences are considerable, depending on the application, in comparison to brushed DC motors.

The BLDC motors are simple. The integrated electronics are optimized for the respective drive. The motor sizes are between 16 and 90 mm diameter and offer power from 0,5 to 400 Watt. In many versions, there is a choice between the use of sliding or ball bearings.

Individual design

koco40315The drive specialist adapts the drives individually to the respective application on request. The data transmitted by the user directly flow into the production as a product modification. Already in the sampling phase, the engine is optimally adapted to the requirements. Modifications to mechanical components can also be made, because instead of the production of stock goods, the customer-specific solution is in the foreground.

The motors have a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) input, which allows speed control. The frequency range is usually between 5 and 30 kHz. Motor-dependent encoder signals from 2 to 6 pulses can be sent via the output. From a diameter of 36 to 60 mm, the motors have a short-circuit brake.

With and without gearbox

The BLDC motors are too with different gears available. The smallest gear combination of this type has a diameter of 16 mm. The motors of the brushless DC motors are suitable for all start-stop and endurance applications. By combining the standardized design with large quantities, an optimal price-performance ratio can be achieved. Further applications can be found in fans, pumps, automobiles, household appliances, office machines or power tools - in short: everywhere where long service life can not cost much.
Picture above: The smallest gear combination has a diameter of 16 mm.

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