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maxon0215For applications that demand really high torques, Maxon Motor brings the DC motor EC-i 40 in a high torque version on the market. The ironless internal rotor is available with a diameter of 40 mm and delivers a torque of up to 234 mNm. The three strong ironless internal rotors from the production facility in Korea are equipped with a novel rotor and offer high dynamics, low cogging torque and a very high torque.

The strongest of them reaches a maximum rated torque of 234 mNm with a length of 56 mm. He surpasses his predecessors by up to 70%. The three brushless DC motors are suitable for applications in robotics, dentures and industrial automation. Its compact design allows use even in confined spaces. If required, the EC-i 40 High Torque motors can be combined with encoders, gearboxes, servo controllers or positioning controllers.
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