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Kocomotion0115In mechanical engineering there are sometimes rough industrial environments with corresponding environmental influences. Products used here must therefore be particularly robust and tight, which can no longer be guaranteed with plug contacts at a certain level. koco Motion offers its integrated stepper motor drives "Lexium mdrive"Nema 23 and 34 are now also available with particularly robust M12 screw terminals for mechanical engineering. The supply voltage, the inputs / outputs and the respective interface are connected to the three connections.

So far there are the drives equipped with M12 screw terminals with the interfaces RS485 and CAN open. By the end of 2014, additional drives with these connection variants will be added. In the future there will also be drives with other interface versions such as Ethernet / IP, Modbus TCP, ASCII and Profinet with M12 screw terminals. A next step is to equip the smaller variants Nema 17 with these optional connectors. Connection cables with matching M12 connector are of course available. Simple cabling is achieved through the use of standardized M12 components.

The Lexium series builds on the functionality of the previous Mdrive drives. The connection of the supply voltage is equipped with protection circuits for unrestricted hot plug. The serial interfaces and inputs / outputs were galvanically isolated, which makes them very electrically robust. The hybrid stepper motor drives now come standard with the patented integrated closed-loop control HMT (Hybrid Motion Technology) for readjustment and prevention of step loss.
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