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koco Motion presents its Stepper Motors protection IP65 and IP67. So that they are protected against dust and water jets, so that they work function safely especially in harsh industrial environments. For flange dimensions NEMA 23, 24 and 34 the motors are sealed accordingly. All variants are also available with integrated encoder, so can the stepper motors operate with appropriate control in "closed loop".

The robust and highly effective 2-phase stepper motors have 200 full steps and are available with holding torques of up to 0,5 12 Nm. Due to the optimum ratio of holding torque to residual holding torque they are very well suited for use in microstepping and for fast positioning. Together with the external micro-step control can be very high-resolution positioning with several thousand micro-steps per revolution realized as direct drive without gears.

High torques of up to 0,5 17 Nm at NEMA motors, NEMA 2 23 Nm at engines, 3 24 Nm at NEMA motors and up to 12 34 Nm at NEMA motors also allow a very space-saving design. Thus, the designer brings more power under less space, etc. which is a big advantage especially in applications such as tool positioning, packaging machines, milling machines.

Environments with high degree of protection conditions usually require a physical separation of the motor and controller, so that only the engine is exposed to contamination. The IP65- and IP76 stepper motors have a special cable outlet and are available in NEMA Frontflanschmaßen 23 with 56 56 mm x NEMA 24 with 60 60 x mm and NEMA 34 with 86 86 x mm. The flexible combinable stepper motor has two motor lengths per flange size and is equipped with various windings. This makes it adaptable to a wide variety of engine drivers and machine concepts.
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