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The European Space Agency (ESA) landed successfully yesterday the Lander Philae on the 4 km comet 67P / Churjumow-Gerasimenko, short Tschury. On board are 10 measuring instruments, which are to provide important data on the origin of life. Two DC motors are used Maxon Motor, For the first time in the history of astronautics, scientists now receive extensive data from the surface of a comet.

The two DC motors of the drive specialist measure in diameter 13 mm. Together with the APXS meter, they were successfully lowered to the ground. This is an alpha x-ray spectrometer that captures the chemical composition of Chury, which in turn provides insight into the presence of important elements such as carbon and oxygen. The device was developed by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

The individual measuring instruments are now automatically activated one after the other. After 1 ½ days, it will be the turn of the precise micromotors to lower the APXS from the underside of the lander to the bottom of the comet. Then it will become clear whether the drives have survived the journey of more than ten years unscathed. Never before have DC motors been exposed to vacuum over this period. A first, shy movement test has already been successful.

The Rosetta Project is expected to last until the end of 2015 when Chury returns to the outer reaches of the solar system. Until then, researchers want to collect as much data as possible from the core of the comet and its tail. These should answer the question of whether comets once brought water or even life to earth.
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