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menzel0314neuFor a customer operating a process-critical air separation unit in one of the largest Argentine steelworks Menzel precisely according to its specifications a squirrel-cage induction motor with a power of 10.000 kW and a speed of 1500 min-1 designed as a replacement unit. The original engine has been in continuous use for 15 years - since there was no backup device so far, the operational reliability of the steelworks was dependent on this engine.

The aim now was to make a new engine ready for installation on site and to store the original machine as a reserve after an overhaul. The basic requirements for this were absolute mechanical and electrical interchangeability. For example, the new motor had to have the same electrical characteristics as the original and thus, in particular, an inrush current of less than 450%. Also, the mounting dimensions had to match exactly, since only a short time window is provided for the engine replacement:

The plan is to dismantle the roof of the compressor hall and to use a large mobile crane to move the old engine out and into the new engine. All connections, such as the main terminal box, cooling water, oil supply for slide bearings, various auxiliary terminal boxes had to be in the same position with the new motor to ensure a quick replacement. This could be guaranteed quickly, as the intelligent, tailor-made design of reserve motors is one of the company's focal points. The replacement engine, completed in May 2014, was extensively tested in the company's own load testing field in the presence of the customer. It was shipped to 2014 in June and is expected to be operational by the end of the year.
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