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ProfinetIO1The integrated stepper motor drives "Lexium MDrive" from koco Motion are now network-ready equipped with the Ethernet-based Profinet IO fieldbus system for industrial automation. Compact and robust, the drives with Profinet can be easily integrated into new or existing systems and devices, thus enabling faster implementation and cost reduction.

The Profinet IO protocol is used for data exchange between IO controllers (PLC controllers etc.) and IO modules as well as end devices such as the Lexium MDrive. Profinet IO uses the proven communication models and application views of Profinet DP and extends this to Ethernet-based systems. Among other advantages, they allow a wider bandwidth of communication with more connection nodes in the network. The Profinet IO specification defines a protocol and an application interface for the exchange of IO data, alarm messages and diagnostics. Profinet IO uses the Ethernet protocol directly to exchange IO data and alarm messages.

The closed-loop functionality of the Lexium MDrive products is realized using a hardware-based system called hMTechnology, or hMT for short. Among other things, this special control algorithm prevents the stepping motor from falling out of the way by slowing down the speed, thereby preventing unexpected jamming in case of overload. The combination of improved performance and robust design make the Lexium MDrives an interesting solution for a large number of industrial automation applications. The compact "all-in-one" design of the Lexium MDrive drives saves space, reduces wiring and improves the reliability of the machines. It thus meets the needs of growing markets and communications networks.
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