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elmo0214The new "Gold Duet"From Elmo Motion Control is an integral system of servo drive and motor. The combination of a high-performance servomotor with an intelligent Gold servo drive creates a drive that is ideally suited for use in compact laboratory and medical devices. The CAN open or Ethercat-based system saves space for the machine, minimizes wiring, eliminates potential EMC problems and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

The IP65 Gold Duet actuators are available in a complete range of flange sizes in 40, 60, 80, and 130, as well as from 30 W to 5 kW. They are available with all common encoder systems and with brakes. With the steady and rapid progress in laboratory automation, the need for user-friendly, high-precision, reliable and safe motion control is growing. The proposed Motor-Drive combination provides cost-saving benefits for laboratory screening systems and robots, mobile scanner and diagnostic systems, microscopy automation, and many other applications.
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