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elmo01141With rated currents of 150, 300 and even 600 A at working voltages from 16 to 96 VDC, the new servo drives from Elmo Motion Control named "Eagle" take on a new dimension. The three sizes of the Gold series are primarily designed for the special requirements of unmanned applications, which require long-term, permanently recurring high power peaks. For the first time, such high currents can be realized in such a small housing, which also meets military standards.

The power losses of the devices could be kept very low by optimizing hardware and software. The self-developed hardware in combination with a very special and advanced pulse-width modulation algorithm is the crucial core. So the servo drive could be designed not only very small but also very robust. The Gold Eagle is thus suitable for installation in compact systems for ground vehicles, but especially for the aerospace industry.

In combination with the multi-axis controllers from the same company, which can control up to 100 servo axes in every conceivable situation, the powerful servo drives bring great advantages for use in the extreme environments mentioned above. The communication in the entire system is reliable via Ethercat and CAN open. Multi-axis applications are thus possible even in unusual environments without restrictions.

The drives work with every engine technology. By default, ambient temperatures of -40 ° to + 70 ° C are possible, the vibration resistance is high and shocks with an acceleration of up to 20 g keep the devices in operation.
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