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pmdm0114Transfer parameters via PC to the motor without external programming costs, complex probing and extra long project times: Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea (PM DM) has a large bandwidth BLDC motors developed. A newly developed electronics family makes them flexible and selectable. For example, speed, current consumption, temperature, position and voltage can be measured, monitored and precisely regulated via an integrated closed loop control.

For battery-powered applications, for example, the BLDC 40 motor can completely switch off the power supply to the engine electronics. The threshold for this total discharge protection can be freely parameterized. The BLDC 40 is a typical internal rotor EC motor with an efficiency of 85% including electronics. The intelligent electronics measures the position and direction of rotation of the rotor via the integrated Hall sensors, thereby realizing simple positioning tasks. In many cases, this function is sufficient to make an additional rotary encoder superfluous. The integrated position measurement allows multiple motors to be synchronized. Algorithms for the realization of an electronic wave are already integrated into the firmware. The motors are controlled analogue via simple PWM control, LIN / CAN bus or single wire UART. Sinusoidal commutation and pure torque control via the current with or without speed limitation are also possible.

Without cumbersome driver installation, the user can use Programming Box with a standard USB cable via his PC to enter all important engine parameters such as start-stop, current, speed, etc. quite simply approach his application. Due to the bus-compatible interface, several motors can be parametrised and operated simultaneously. In addition, all specific measured values ​​of the motor can be read out and stored cyclically for later evaluation. An app for Android devices is also planned.
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