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koco Motion has been offering 2013 with the "Lexium MDrive"A new generation of integrated stepper motor drives in flange sizes NEMA 23 and NEMA 34. With the easy-to-use Lexium software suite, Lexium MDrive drives can be easily parameterized or programmed for any electrical interface.

The drives

kocomotion01142On the drive side, the "Step-Torque-Speed" version contains the clock / direction inputs and the analog input for speed and torque control as well as RS485 configuration. The variant "Motion Control with RS485" offers digital inputs / outputs, an analog output and the extensive ASCII command set MCODE for command transfer and programming of extensive sequence programs. The "Motion Control with CANopen" modification provides digital inputs / outputs and supports the DSP402 profiles: Position, Velocity, Homing, Torque and Cyclic Sync Position. Last but not least, the "Motion Control with Ethernet" version supports digital inputs / outputs, as well as the ASCII command set MCODE and the Modebus / TCP, Ethernet / IP protocols, as well as Profinet soon.

The software

Four integrated software modules are available for the parameterization and programming of the drives: In Step-Torque-Speed, the parameters can be set via RS485. Motion Control (RS485) provides programming with the extensive ASCII instruction set. This makes it possible to program the respective integrated electrical controls via RS485 and Ethernet with numerous auxiliary and test functions. For RS485 and CANopen corresponding USB converters are available. Motion Control (Ethernet) allows the configuration of the IP address and the protocols ASCII, Modbus / TCP, Ethernet / IP and Profinet. Finally, CANopen can be used to configure the node ID, baud rate and test runs.

The system

kocomotion01143Each Lexium MDrive series has three motor lengths that cover virtually any torque demanded. The version with integrated encoder contains the patented, servo-like closed-loop control HMT (hybrid motion technology). The galvanically isolated interfaces and the digital inputs / outputs as well as various integrated protective circuits and robust connection plugs make it possible, among other things, to perform the operation even under harsh electrical conditions. The status LEDs on the back of the drives also provide a quick overview of their respective operating status.

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