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The more dynamic the drive, the shorter the cycle time, the lower the energy consumption and the higher the output. Against this backdrop, Oswald developed the highly dynamic, powerful MFS engines. The new series is based on a consistent further development of the low-pole permanent-magnet TF and MF servo series of the manufacturer's previous engine program.

Proven components such as water cooling or bearing concepts have been retained for the MFS engines. As the motor inertia increases exponentially with the rotor diameter, the MFS motors are provided with a small rotor diameter and a low rotor weight. The result of this design concept are thin, long motors with a particularly rigid housing.

At slow input speeds in some 100 revolutions per minute range, torque motors dominate the upper market segments in terms of dynamics and compactness. Preferably, they are designed as direct drives. Higher input speeds require slender, low-inertia machines such as those required in servo-electric hydraulic pumps, in press and forming machines or in stamping and bending machines. Such low-inertia drives also implement motion sequences that were previously unimaginable in the field of test bench technology or in machine tool engineering.

The complete redesign of the magnetic circuit, the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production technology, enable the MFS motors accelerations up to 48.000 1 / s², continuous power up to 300 kW at 1500 min-1 and overload torques up to 4000 Nm. In addition to a high overload capacity, very good active power factors and high efficiencies are given. The compact MFS motors offer degree of protection IP44 to IP 65. You can be optimally adapted to each application, which guarantees the best possible utilization of the power electronics with minimal power consumption.

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