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The Worm geared motors The "DCGM 43 T42" series from Gerdt Seefrid has been standard in many adjustment systems for years. They are classically used in short-term operation. Now a new field of application is opened up by the use of brushless DC motors, which makes it possible to use the drives also in continuous operation.

The special goal in the development was to obtain a mechanically and performance interchangeable solution. With the introduction of the DCGM 42 T42 BL series, this goal and at the same time again a particularly interesting price-performance ratio has been achieved. Customer-specific adaptations of the DCGM 42 T42 BL series are also possible. Parallel to the brushless worm gear motors, the brushless motors are introduced in the "Thetadrive 42" series and are also available as gearless motors.

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