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Lexium canopenkoco Motion presents the "Lexium MDrive "stepper motor drives Schneider Electric with CANopen and Ethernet interfaces. As a result, industrial automation has extremely robust, safe and reliable integrated motors. The Ethernet version includes the fieldbus protocols Ethernet / IP and MODBUS / TCP as well as the ACII command set MCODE. The CANopen variant with the device profile DSP 402 supports the operating modes Position Mode, Velocity Mode, Homing Mode, Torque Mode, Cyclic Sync Position.

The Lexium MDrive fieldbus drives are compactly designed. Reliability and cabling have been improved or simplified compared to previous drives. The integration into corresponding networks and fieldbus systems of industrial automation can be realized very easily. The connection of the supply voltage is equipped with protective circuits for unrestricted hot plug such as emergency stop circuit during operation without shutting down the supply voltage. The serial interfaces and inputs / outputs were galvanically isolated, which makes them very electrically robust.

Lexium MDrive drives with integrated encoders include the patented "Closed Loop" technology HMT (Hybrid Motion Technology) for additional control and prevention of step loss. The controller closes the loop by means of the integrated encoder. Many disadvantages associated with conventional stepper motors are thereby eliminated, such as out-of-tread falling upon overload. It also provides more cost effective solutions for applications previously reserved for servomotor drives. A variable current / torque setting can reduce heating and save energy in many motion control applications.

User-friendly software is included with all Lexium products. Drives with 4 years warranty are available in NEMA 23 and 34 sizes with a voltage range from 12 to 70 V.

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