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baumueller0813On the 135 m long, 11,45 m wide and 1100 t heavy barge MS Goblin dry cargo such as corn, sand, coal and pebbles is transported. It will run a fixed route on the Rhine between Krefeld, Mannheim and Karlsruhe and can reach a speed of up to 3550 km / h with a load of 22 t coal. In early July 2013, the first inland vessel was christened with two screws and standard hybrid propulsion technology. Baumüller Benelux BV equipped the boat using torque motors and controls with the hybrid drive technology.

Each of the two installed high-torque motors drives a screw axle. The DST2 size 400 motors each deliver 9100 Nm / 285 kW power. The ability to use these engines in combination with a 634 kW Mitsubishi diesel engine provides the captain with four different modes of travel: electric, electric with diesel assistance, diesel with electric assistance, and diesel only. The different driving modes are controlled by a Baumüller PLC. The precise control ensures firstly the synchronization of the diesel and torque motor and secondly the timely starting of the diesel generator. In addition, the PLC monitors the entire system with regard to engine temperature, cooling water, power and torque. This information is passed on to both the engine room and the bridge.

The drive system has reduced fuel consumption by around 10%. Even the captain of the ship is enthusiastic about the advantages of the electric traction drive, such as the low noise and vibration and especially the enormous torque, which is particularly advantageous when starting and maneuvering. Here one expects next to the energy also a time saving.

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