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koco Motion has brushless recently DC motors added to the portfolio and now offers a range from 12 to 60 mm diameter with different commutation. There are two design variants: with ironless coils and with coils that are wound over an iron core. Brushless DC motors are commutated electronically, such as stepper motors or synchronous motors. The commutation can be carried out according to different principles:

Sensorless commutation, sensor-controlled commutation and commutation via Hall sensors together with high-resolution encoders.

The applications for brushless DC motors can be found in all areas of daily life again. A few examples are the building services, office equipment, power tools, medical devices, Body care technology, automotive industry, toys and model making.

For use in medical devices, pump drives, scanners and millions of times in model helicopters, there are initially the ironless engines. From diameter 12 to 22 mm and with a power from 3,6 to 54 W, they are optionally sensorless or equipped with Hall sensors as well as encoders or integrated control electronics. Ironless direct current motors offer high efficiency, there is no cogging torque and they run with low loss and high speeds.

The group of iron-bonded brushless motors is suitable for use in applications in which the cogging torque brings advantages. The product spectrum ranges from 22 to 80 mm diameter with a performance from 1 to 150 W. These motors are available in different versions: as internal rotor, as external rotor or as flat rotor.

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