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dunker1112SPS IPC Drives Hall 1, 438 Stand

Dunkermotoren offers its brushless DC motor BG 42 now with integrated commutation electronics (KI) on. Operation without additional external electronics describes the main benefits of this new development. Thanks to the modular system, a tailor-made complete drive solution can be put together for almost any application.

During operation, the speed adjusts automatically, similar to a brushed motor, depending on the applied supply voltage and the load taken off the output shaft. The motor offers the already familiar dynamic properties of the BG 42. The compact BG 42 KI has an outside diameter of 42 mm and, depending on the length, a nominal output power of 40 or 65 W. The continuous torque of the long version BG 42 x 30 KI is at rated speed (3600 min-1) just 20 Ncm.

The direction of rotation can be set via two digital inputs. An additionally led out reverb signal informs, whether the motor stands straight or executes a rotary movement. The provider also offers an extensive kit for this engine. Numerous planetary, worm gear, encoders and brakes complete the offer. Thus, the BG 42 KI can be extended to a complete drive "from a single source".

The new BG42 KI is based on the BG42. With this motor, the commutation takes place via integrated Hall sensors. External electronics for different requirements are available. The suitable electronics BGE42 / BGE3004A is suitable for applications that require a simple speed control. The next expansion stage will be the BGE3508 / BGE6005 electronics. This is a compact 4 quadrant positioning controller with CANopen interface.

The compact BG 42 KI motor is suitable for a wide range of automation applications and is an interesting option in terms of power density, especially in industrial automation and medical technology. The generously dimensioned precision ball bearings make the motor ideal for applications with high axial and radial loads.

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