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kollmorgen1012SPS IPC Drives Hall 1, 550 Stand

Under the motto "Think Forward" presents Kollmorgen High performance drive packages with single cable technology. It is not only available with high-resolution Hiperface DSL absolute encoders, but also with digital resolver (SFD). They cover that almost all applications. Users of the packages benefit from significantly lower hardware and wiring requirements and thus from correspondingly reduced planning, installation and procurement costs.

Further novelties in Nuremberg are the cost-optimized servo motors of the VLM series for standard applications and the programmable servo amplifier "AKD Basic", which in many cases saves an external PLC. Also presented is the Motion Control Software "Automation Suite"and equipped with IPC and motion control functionality Servo Amplifier AKD PDMM with new Profinet interface.

The package of single-cable drive solutions basically consists of AKM or VLM engines and the servo drives of the AKD series. While the AKM synchronous servo motors are characterized by their unique power density and a wealth of variants, the VLM servo motors offer a very good price-performance ratio for standard applications. The AKD drives are particularly compact and feature rich. They combine world-class performance with very high flexibility, scalability and dynamics to meet the needs of almost any application.

The Automation Suite motion control platform provides very simple and fast graphical programmability as well as positive effects on machine flexibility, productivity and quality. If the servo drive AKD PDMM is selected, the Automation Suite is integrated directly in the drive, an IPC is dispensable. As a result, further, substantial savings in terms of hardware, space and installation costs can be achieved in the single-cable drive packages.

In terms of performance and price, the VLM servo motors fill the gap between stepper and asynchronous motors as well as high-performance synchronous servo motors. This makes them a cost-conscious alternative to high-performance series for applications in which stepper and asynchronous motors reach their limits. The AKD Basic high-performance drive integrates motion sequences that can be programmed with simple basic commands. This saves users both the work with powerful software tools and the purchase of an expensive external PLC.

The addition of the Profinet interface to the Automation Suite motion control platform and the AKD PDMM servo drive, in which the Automation Suite is integrated, also offers important advantages. The drive specialist thus increases the flexibility of machine builders and users in the choice of communication system and thus facilitates the realization of the best possible solutions. The subsequent integration of the extremely fast-to-use automation software into existing machines with Profinet system is also simplified.

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