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buehler1012SPS IPC Drives Hall 1, 133 Stand

Reinforcement is now available for the Buehler "EC4 more" family: The BLDC motor has 62 mm diameter and is 142 mm long. It is suitable for applications that require maximum performance in a limited space. The peak power is up to 400 W. The rated output torque is 45 Ncm, the stalling torque at 3.5 Nm and the rated output power is 200 W.

The highly dynamic inner rotor also has a lifetime of more than 20.000 h. The efficiency of the rare-earth magnet motor is above 80%. The drives are RoHS compliant. Already at the design attention was paid to low weight and easy recyclability.

The 3-phase version with star connection and 8-pole rotor allows uncomplicated operation on most commercially available controllers. 3 120 digital ball angle sensors combine the BLDC motor with a variety of sensor systems. With a near-sinusoidal back EMF, the commutation can not only be done via block commutation and sinusoidal commutation but also sensorless.

The zinc die-cast end shields form a variety of common mounting layouts. With the easy mounting of encoders and / or brakes, very compact drive solutions are possible at the same time. The modular motor design allows easy modification of the end shield, output shaft and shaft overhang on the commutation side in order to adapt the drives to the specific customer requirements.

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