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Ethernet Gateway2Motek Hall 9, 9008 Stand

koco Motion presents another novelty for its integrated stepper motor drives "MDrive" and the "Mforce" stepper motor controllers with serial RS485 / 422 interface and ASCII command set at the Motek and SPS / IPC / Drives autumn trade fairs now integrate in Ethernet-based bus and fieldbus systems.

Gateways are generally used for the translation and connection of existing interface protocols to other interfaces and fieldbus systems. When using ODVA (Open Devicenet Vendor Accociation), the user selects Ethernet Gateways via the RJ45 port settings to which Ethernet protocol the Mcode ASCII command set of the RS485 / 422 interface referred to is to be converted. You can choose between the protocols Mcode over Ethernet, Modbus TCP or Ethernet / IP. With the Gateway, a variety of controllers and integrated stepper motors can now be integrated into applications with Ethernet-based networks. This enables consistent and uniform communication in the most diverse drive tasks of a machine.

The integrated stepper motor drives Mdrive Plus and Mdrive Hybrid in motor size Nema 23 are equipped in the programmable version "Motion Control" with an Ethernet / IP interface. On the Mdrive drives, a configuration program is used to set the IP address as well as the various parameters and objects for communication. Afterwards, they can be easily integrated into the corresponding Ethernet / IP networks together with other devices and components.

The Modbus TCP interface in the Mdrive Plus and Mdrive Hybrid stepper motor drives in motor size Nema 23 is also available in the programmable Motion Control version. Thanks to the simple and proven Modbus RTU protocol, the Mdrive drives can be easily integrated into appropriate controllers or IPCs.

These integrated stepper motor drives are suitable for a large number of positioning applications, for example in automation technology, measurement technology or medical technology. They can be easily and quickly integrated into the application.

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