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montech0912Motek Hall 1, 1180 Stand

Montech presents its newly developed for the first time Transport systemwhich is wired and tested delivered to the customer. It consists of a double belt system on which the individual workpiece carriers run. These are equipped with RFID and can be identified at any time; chaotic operation is thus possible. The motor is integrated in the drive shaft and thus has no interference contours. The use of energy-saving technology ensures high efficiency.

The transport system is delivered to the customer with software that runs without higher-level control and complete cabling. In addition, customized solutions can be seen that are realized with conveyor belts. One application shows a longitudinal transfer system in conjunction with a vacuum conveyor that transports and sorts CDs: the vacuum conveyor removes the CDs after the previous categorization and a circulating transfer system removes the CD stacks.

It is an endless process - sucking, transporting, depositing - which has no unproductive return and helps to optimize the sorting process. The vacuum conveyor runs at a speed of 5 m / s.

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