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The trend towards individual packaging makes lot sizes smaller and requires formats to be changed more often. For the traditional packaging process that usually means a massive slump in productivity. Conventional machine and line optimizations are no longer sufficient to compensate for this. But time-consuming and expensive conversion of machines must be avoided and their efficiency increased. A new modular product line from AMK picks up on the problem.

But how do machines become modular throughout? For independent, flexibly combinable single modules, the increasing number of servo drives must be flexibly networked and controlled. However, the solutions currently available on the market often do not fulfill these requirements, as most of the electronics required by the motor are located in a control cabinet for regulation, which then has to be individually planned and set up.

Less is more

Decentralized control cabinets with a smaller volume are just as annoying as they are expensive for modular machines due to the additional components and the corresponding increase in cabling effort. It is not only mechanical engineers but also the producers who wish to be able to quickly install additional or exchangeable modules without a large amount of cables and subsequent faster commissioning. This not only saves costs thanks to less effort, it can also be faster to produce his plants again. Decentralized solutions shrink cabinets and less cable clutter also means fewer potential sources of error when installing new system modules.

The drive specialist AMK from Kirchheim / Teck has developed a product line that addresses the problem: The decentralized drive technology "Amkasmart" offers a number of different possibilities for the machine builder: The series consists of servo drives in the continuous power range from 2 to 5kVA for rotary and linear synchronous and asynchronous motors in a variety of forms, such as servo controller IX, servo controller, IC with integrated infeed module and the "all-inclusive model" IDT, a servomotor with integrated servo drive as a structural unit. The high degree of protection IP65 allows mounting directly on the machine frame - thanks to the vibration and shock resistance even on moving axes.

Switch cabinet omitted

Since the servo drives no longer require a control cabinet, its space requirement is also eliminated. The motor cables (power and encoder cables) no longer need to be pulled centrally from the control cabinet to each drive. Only power and real-time Ethernet cables are looped through from one to the other servo drive. The motor cables are therefore very short or even completely removed when using the IDT.

In a machine with several axes, a few meters quickly come together here, which can be saved. Each cable saved eliminates the corresponding installation costs. Further savings potential is offered by the manufacturer's flexible connection technology. So the motors can be delivered with a cable tail. In addition, the connection to the servo drive via terminal technology, which requires no special, expensive plug. For special types, there are the necessary connectors to connect motor and regulator.

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