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framo0912The Gearmotors the series' Compacta"by Framo Morat offer a high power density, is reliable and flexible to use.With the model Compacta AG 160 the Black Forest drive specialists have again increased the performance per unit volume significantly: Up to 1600 Nm of torque delivers this only 37,5 x 20 x 11 cm3 large and 13 kg light drive.

Especially in applications in which the installation space is tight, the compact dimensions of the drive simplify the construction and installation considerably. Compared to other gearmotors, it weighs up to 50% less. This was achieved by a consistent application of the aluminum die-casting technology, which at the same time ensures a high degree of rigidity of the gearbox and motor housing. The Compacta drives are extremely robust and durable.

Thanks to the integrated limit switch-off, the Compacta AG 160 is particularly suitable for reversing applications. Various control options are available, from the simple setting of the end positions via the precise positioning by means of linear potentiometers to complex motion sequences controlled by a rotary encoder. The fully integrated solution saves costs because the complex wiring for integrating external position limit switches is eliminated. Optionally, there is a fieldbus interface (CAN open or Profibus DP), which can be used to connect up to several hundred drives to a central controller.

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