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bonfiglioliBonfiglioli introduces a new line of BMD permanent magnet AC synchronous motors in the market. These brushless motors are based on 6 torques that correspond to different flange sizes and motor ratings, covering a range from 1,7 to 37 Nm. They are designed for three-phase operation with 230 V AC and 400 Volt AC power supply and free ventilation.

All models feature a PTC (optional KTY temperature sensor) and IP65 push-pull connectors (IP67 optional) that meet all EMC requirements. The permanent magnet AC synchronous motors are salient pole runners that have the lowest inertial level at high torque and provide very good performance.

The dimensions of the motors have been drastically reduced, which has brought significant benefits in terms of torque density, overall dimensions and dynamics. Thanks to their high quality and performance, the magnets made of neodymium, iron, boron and rare earths offer very high acceleration values ​​and a high overload capacity, without the risk of demagnetization.

The BMD servomotors are particularly suitable for applications in the plastics and metalworking, packaging, food and beverage, winding and textile industries, to name but a few.

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