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siemens0412Siemens is putting its energy-efficient electric motor series with variants in a cast iron housing on a broader basis. For the manufacturing and process industry, IE2 and IE3 motors up to 200 kW are available, which can also be used in harsh environmental conditions. They are also suitable for export to Canada, Mexico and the USA.

For several years, the manufacturer has been offering very energy-efficient motors in an aluminum housing with the 1LE1 asynchronous motor series from the Simotics General Purpose series. These have been supplemented by variants, the scope of which is much broader. The additional Simotics Severe Duty motors with cast iron housings from the 1LE1 series in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 cover the entire range of industrial applications between 0,75 and 200 kW. When developing these variants for the Severe-Duty use, great value was placed on a fully compatible size.

The energy-saving motors with gray cast iron housing are available as Basic Line for standard applications and as a performance line for the harshest environmental conditions that are frequently encountered in the chemical or process industries. From an economical and ecological point of view, the standard integrated PTC motor protection is useful. This monitors the winding temperature so that thermal stress due to unexpected process engineering or mechanical disturbances can be detected early. Destruction of the motors due to overload can thus be prevented. Another practical feature is the T-Drain drainage system, which allows drainage of the engine by simply turning the cover.

Just like the aluminum variants of the 1LE1 generation, the cast iron motors follow a consistent, practical series concept. Thanks to the modular system approach for the add-on components, the cast iron motors can also be supplemented as required with rotary pulse encoders, brakes and external fans. The diagonal split terminal box, which can be rotated in 90 degrees, proves to be very useful for handling the motors, so that the supply of the cables to the terminal board can be easily adapted to the spatial conditions.

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