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Under the engine designation BG 45 SI offers Dunkermotoren a small Power density trimmed DC servo motor in the performance class under 100 W. The compact drive offers the possibilities of a true 4 quadrant operation. The main focus during the development was on the radical reduction of the construction volume while maintaining the given performance level while maintaining cost targets.

As a result, the BG 45 SI offers an edge dimension of 44 mm. In it, the complete logic and power electronics are integrated to save space on a printed circuit board in the rear space of the drive. The overall length of the drives could thus be reduced by about 27% compared to its predecessors. The connector concept has also been adapted to newer requirements and now enables a space-saving connection of the drive. At a nominal speed of about 3000 min-1 Due to the concept, this drive can be temporarily overloaded to four times its continuous power, so starting torques of almost 80 Ncm are possible.

The motor is controlled via an analog setpoint input of (± 10 V). Alternatively, different fixed speeds can be selected via digital inputs. The default setting in the delivery state is the setting of the speed via analog setpoint input. If the application requires deviating, a simple commissioning software offers the possibility of comfortable adaptation to the respective situation.

The drive has a total of 4 digital inputs. Of these, 2 inputs are reserved for the selection of the operating states left-right rotation, stop with free-wheeling or holding torque. The two further inputs were designed for the selection of the fixed engine speeds and the ramp-up and braking ramps. The 3 digital outputs are assigned the functions Pulse output (12 pulses per revolution), Direction of rotation and Error output signals.

In addition to the ball bearings, the drive has no further components subject to wear and is therefore very well suited for endurance applications. Engine-matched components on gearboxes, encoders and brakes from the modular modular system allow the configuration of a tailor-made solution for almost any application. This universally applicable, brushless motor finds in wide areas of automation, especially in industrial applications and in the Medical Technology his use.

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