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Innosave presents a new, patent-pending, energy-saving drive for electric motors in industrial applications. The Energy Saving Motor Drive (ESMD) can reduce the energy consumption of a motor by up to 50%. The average efficiency is 99,7%

The energy in the operation of engines is not used efficiently most of the time. This is where the company comes in with its solution. Engines work most efficiently when running under rated load. The engine efficiency decreases significantly when the actual engine load is comparatively low to the rated load. In these cases, the engines operate inefficiently, waste energy and are unnecessarily expensive to operate. If the actual load of the motor is less than 50% of the rated load, the ESMD reduces the voltage in the motor and, at the same time, the power consumption. The performance of the engine is not affected.

The ESMD relies on a patent pending method of voltage measurement. It is based on a closed-loop control algorithm with feedback of various parameters such as amperage, torque or power factor cosΦ. For any torque under rated load, the drive adapts the engine to the most efficient operation. In addition, the ESMD has an integrated soft starter that allows values ​​up to twice the rated current during startup. The ESMD is a fully digital drive that provides many analog and digital control inputs and is suitable for many applications. A removable control panel can also be mounted away from the drive.

Today, the topic of energy efficiency in electric motors in industrial applications is usually solved by means of frequency-controlled drives (VFD, Variable Frequency Drive). Compared to this approach, the ESMD saves energy without reducing the speed of the motor - and in most systems, motors run at a constant speed. Using the ESMD does not create harmonics in the motor or network, as is generally the case with VFD solutions. Due to the novel topology, the production costs of the ESMD are lower than those of a VFD. The average efficiency of a VFD is 97%, that of the ESMD is 99,7%.

The ESMD can be used in many production or industrial plants such as mixers, compressors, escalators, conveyor belts, centrifuges, elevators, granulators, fans, pumps or shredders. Several Israeli industrial companies have already reduced the energy consumption of electric motors by one-third or more through the use of the new technology.

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