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hiwin0312In addition to the torque motors of the TMR series, Hiwin presents the models of the TMRW series. They are equipped with an outer ring with cooling channels and are therefore suitable for use with water cooling. The engine components are available with outside diameters of 160, 198, 230, 310 and 385 mm. This corresponds to the usual diameters of the torque motors used in machine tools. The temperature monitoring sensors used are also compatible with all standard machine controls.

Depending on the type, the torque motors achieve maximum speeds between 150 and 800 min-1 (at permanent moment) and 80 to 650 min-1 (at peak torque) and peak torques between 210 and 300 Nm. Like all the manufacturer's torque motors, the TMRW Series models are ready-to-install engine components that consist of a stator and a rotor designed as a ring element. Thanks to this hollow shaft design, which allows the simple implementation of media, cable systems or mechanics, the drives are particularly suitable for automation tasks. The TMRW series is available from the middle of 2012.

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