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systec0212The right power output stage gets the most out of the stepper motor. Dynamics and smoothness are the most important requirements for the power control. With the models "IPM 206" and "IPM 306" stops Systec two models ready for these tasks. Decisive for the performance is the right microstepping.

According to one customer, the IPM 306 performs almost perfect microstepping. "A customer has told me that he recognizes from the perfect milling track whether the material comes from the machine with the Systec power amplifiers," says electrical engineering developer Klaus-Gerd Schoeler proudly. The customer operates several milling machines with 3 phase stepping motors that are no longer widely used. The purchase of power output stages for the engines is also becoming increasingly difficult. Systec is one of the few providers that still offer power controls similar to the previously widely used model Berger Lahr D900. Said customer is now successively renewing his systems with technology from Münster.

The production quality increases thereby. This is due to the near perfect microstepping that the IPM 306 makes. The 3 stepper motors, which are already smoother anyway, help them with their maximum 20.000 steps per revolution to a velvety smooth run. Even engine noise at low speeds is a thing of the past. The model is suitable for all controls with pulse and direction signal. The motor phase current can be set in 16 stages to values ​​between 1,3 and 5,5 A. The positioning accuracy is 0,018 degrees.

Even more powerful is the Schrittmtorendstufe IPM 206. It has been re-equipped with an 32-bit processor. From the meantime standard 2 phase stepper motors, the power drive brings out a maximum of 16.000 steps per revolution. The positioning accuracy is 0,0225 degrees. With the 16-level adjustment option, the motor phase current can be regulated up to 6 A.

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