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esr0112Torque motors from ESR Pollmeier achieve high torques in a compact design. The durable and maintenance-free direct drives offer high rigidity and positioning accuracy. Suitable for this purpose are digital servo drives for use in single axis applications up to automation systems.

Torque motors can be a useful alternative to gear motors or motor gear combinations in many applications. The MH 4 series offers high torques in a compact design. As direct drives, these motors have higher rigidity and positioning accuracy than solutions with gearboxes. By eliminating play and frictional elements also result in a longer life and less wear.

The MH 4 torque motors are available in square or round design with rated speeds between 250 and 500 min-1, In continuous operation, torques up to 270 Nm are achieved, peak up to 800 Nm. The coupling to the machine is via a shaft or a block flange, hollow shaft versions are also available as standard. High-resolution optical encoders ensure high precision and dynamics.

With torque motors or classic AC servomotors and the digital servo controllers "Trio Drive D / xS" and "Midi Drive D / xS", powerful drive packages are available for universal use. Single-axis applications can be realized inexpensively with the integrated positioning control and an operator terminal. Fieldbuses such as Ethercat, Profibus DP or CAN open are available for integration into automation systems.

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