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nord1211Additions to the assortment and a broadened offer for several current product families announced Nord Drive Systems, For example, the frequency converter families SK 500E for the centralized and SK 200E for the distributed installation cover a larger power range. Decentralized models are now available up to 22 kW, and the control cabinet converters will shortly be available in 10 size with 132 kW.

Also new is the SK 540E type. This intelligent converter with powerful processor makes it possible to completely eliminate external controls for many tasks, since drive-related functions can be programmed directly according to IEC 61131. A new encoder system was developed together with the sensor specialist Contelec. The retrofittable pulse generator is specially designed for operation in the vicinity of DC brakes. Thanks to its non-contact magnetic measuring principle, the compact device works vibration-proof and without mechanical wear.

A motor equipped with it will increase in length by a maximum of 20 mm. The cost-effective HTL encoder is designed for easy mounting on the fan cover itself. There are three standard types with resolutions of 1, 32 or 512 ppr.

For electric motors, the focus is currently on solutions for the new energy efficiency class IE3. As in the IE2 class, the manufacturer can largely retain the sizes of the previous IE1 versions. Users who are forced to switch to more fuel-efficient engine types will in many cases be spared the costly adaptation of their machine or plant design. Given similar power-saving regulations in almost all markets worldwide, which are demanding step-by-step higher drive efficiency, it is desirable for the end user to have the most uniform technological approach possible. With the Global Nord Motor, the conversion effort is reduced: Apart from a few restrictions, such as the different network frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz, the energy-saving motors are designed to be largely uniform for different regions of the world. For each country they are provided with the necessary specifications and certifications.

Much development work was also invested in new transmission variants by 2011. As hygienic solutions not only for the food industry, two-stage bevel-helical gear units made of aluminum will be available in the next few months, which are extremely easy and efficient to clean thanks to particularly smooth surfaces and a design that consistently avoids undercuts. The program includes five models with torques from 90 to 660 Nm. The next generation of universal worm gears is similarly hygienically optimized - the new SMI series also offers a great deal of flexibility in the design of the gearbox thanks to a wide range of modular elements. Finally, an expanded range covers the modular industrial gear units, which are built with nominal torques up to more than 200.000 Nm in the one-piece block housing design. In the face of growing demand for additional versions at the low end of the previous program, the range is supplemented by a number of models with 25.000 to 50.000 Nm.

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