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GEFRANCompared to hydraulic or pneumatic solutions, high-performance electric drives such as the KFM05a from Siei-Arag clear advantages: they require less energy, are virtually maintenance-free, easy to install and perform a number of additional functions. The KFM05a is usually enough for commissioning a socket.

There is hardly a comparable drive solution that would be easier or faster to put into operation. The decentralized door drive system combines asynchronous motor, frequency converter, line filter, communication as well as analog and digital interfaces and many other features to form a complete drive and positioning unit in one housing. As a complete package, it is available with gearbox and all necessary components such as timing belt, pulleys and all the required small parts. Commissioning takes place at the push of a button. Then the KFM05a automatically records information such as door width and mass. It saves the corresponding parameters and is immediately ready for use. For further optimization, a menu, configuration and loading program with software oscilloscope or an optional control panel are available as an alternative.

Modern door operators such as the KFM05a communicate with the higher-level control systems to coordinate processes and movements via a bus connection. It also allows signals to be communicated through digital and analogue inputs. Digital inputs / outputs serve as interfaces to external system components as well as signaling and alarming. Additional safety functions can be implemented easily. For example, users can equip the drive with a safety relay and connect it directly to safety rails, light barriers or light curtains via the digital inputs, which then trigger an emergency stop of the drive in an emergency.

To protect people from injury, the KFM05a limits the energy of the door movement and the maximum force on 150 N. Nevertheless, it is able to accelerate a machine door with a mass of 120 kg to almost 2 m / s, thus opening and closing Closing times realized in seconds.

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