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kollmorgen PLCSPS / IPC / Drives 1 Hall, Booth 550

The AKD PDMM servo amplifiers Kollmorgen is equipped with integrated, high-performance PLC and motion control functionality. In addition, KBM presents a new series of housing and brushless torque motors for demanding high-performance applications in confined spaces, the energy-saving module ESM and the AKM1, a matchbox synchronous servo motor with standstill brake and absolute encoder.

The AKD PDMM (Programmable Drive Multi-Axis Master) are servo amplifiers of the AKD family. It enables multi-axis machines with 20% fewer components and 30% less footprint, which are more flexible, precise, and productive, and can be tailored to different applications very quickly. The reason for this is provided by the Kollmorgen Automation Suite development platform, which is integrated in the Drives. On the one hand, the servo amplifiers have a high-performance PLC and motion control functionality, and on the other hand they can be programmed very quickly and easily using the proven Pipe Network graphical programming environment. Alternatively, the five standardized IEC 61131 PLC languages ​​and - for motion control - PLCopen motion control function blocks are available. Each AKD PDMM can coordinate up to eight axes with standard AKD in 250 μs.

The new series of housing and brushless torque motors for demanding high-performance applications in confined spaces are particularly suitable for the packaging sector. The solution offers a high throughput, less noise and longer life. The KBM engines are available in a wide range of sizes, performance and design features. As hollow shaft direct motors with high power density, they also enable particularly compact machine solutions.

Energy Saving Modules (ESM) are capacitor modules that, in conjunction with a servo amplifier, store energy from deceleration processes and provide it for acceleration. As a result, energy consumption can be reduced and machines operated more unevenly, for example in Asia or in corporate networks. Likewise, the new solution allows all axles to be moved to a safe, defined preferred position in the event of a power failure.

The new version of the AKM1 has been equipped with a standstill brake, various feedback systems and absolute value encoders for a flange size of 40 mm. With this solution, Kollmorgen has the most compact synchronous servo motor in its performance class, which reliably stops proper movements in one axis - for example in the case of vertical axis alignments - and at the same time makes homing during commissioning unnecessary.

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