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With the 34E series, Jenaer Antriebstechnik is expanding its product family of Servocompact drives "Ecompact" up. The Ecompact 34E has a quadrupole 86 mm flange-mounted "Ecostep" servo motor. Initially, three engine variants with peak torques up to 10 Nm are available.

The nominal torques are between 2 and 3,5 Nm at 500 min-1, The Ecocompact 34E operates with a connection chip from 230 VAC and is optionally equipped with a high-resolution incremental encoder (80.000 Ink / U) or an absolute encoder. The integrated servo amplifier supports digital torque / force, speed and position control.

Commissioning is carried out with the help of the software tool Eco Studio. For motion programming, ready-made technology functions can be used. Control, parameterization and diagnostics are handled via Canopen. Further bus interfaces are in preparation. A capture input can be used for quick position detection. 4 digital inputs are available for end position detection and for the startup inhibit. All interface signals are routed to industrial connectors.

The advantages of the servo-compact drives are, among other things, the significantly reduced space requirement in the control cabinet, since no separate servo amplifier is required and the reduced cabling effort. For smaller control tasks, the drive-integrated sequence programming can be used. Depending on the application, a higher-level control can be dispensed with. In the case of system expansions, changes in the control cabinet are generally not required, only additional compact drives are added directly to the machine and integrated into the existing Canopen bus system.

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