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buehlerHighest power density, maximum dynamics with low weight and tight dimensions - these are the features of the new 40 mm EC propellant set by Buehler, 15 drives from the ec4more family already take on a responsible task in a cash handling system for the automatic processing of incoming and outgoing payments. It counts and sorts the banknotes and creates billing at the end of the day.

The electronic commutation stands for freedom from wear and lowest radio interference. The 8-pole rotor with the plastic-bonded NdFeB magnets contributes decisively to the high dynamics. Segmented stators allow maximum copper insertion and thus convincing peak performance. Precision ball bearings ensure smooth running and a lifetime of at least 20.000 h. Three Hall sensors accurately report the rotor position of the drives available in 70 and 100 mm lengths.

By changing the wire diameter and the number of stator windings, a very wide speed range can be covered in the range between 6 and 48 V. In addition, there is a large selection of possible shaft designs, such as flats, threads, cross holes, etc. Drive elements such as pinions, pulleys and worms can be easily applied to the motor shaft. Block, sine and vector commutation, sensorless operation, exact controllability and problem-free software integration are further features of brushless powerhouses.

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