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Oriental Motor20 mm frame size at 30 mm overall length, the new minimum dimension for the stepper motors Oriental Motor. The smallest type of 2-phase stepping motor Series PK provides a holding torque of 0,02 Nm. The positioning accuracy of stepper motors is now available for smaller applications. With only 50 g weight to the PK-types are correspondingly light.

Thanks to the high-torque technology used, holding torques of up to 0,02 Nm are achieved. The motors of the PK2 series are optionally equipped with bi- or unipolar connections with 4 or 5 supply lines. For both types, the rated current is 0,5 A per phase for 8,5 Ohm resistor. Single or double shaft versions allow versatile use, while the 1,8 ° base step angle ensures precise positioning. For example, in medical technology, the PK2 is suitable for use in micromanipulators or microscope stages.

While the frame size 20 mm, which can be used for miniaturized environments, was previously available in the 5 phase stepper motor series CRK, the PK2 opens up further fields of application. The PK series for 24 VDC is available in eight frame sizes, numerous performance variants and with different gear types and cable connections.

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