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KollmorgenThe Kollmorgen Europe GmbH prà ¤ presents with the KBM series new Housing and bà ¼ rstenlose torque motors for demanding high-performance applications in confined spaces that are typical for the packaging area r. This ERFA ¼ fill the requirements of machine builders and users of machine with a hà ¶ Heren pass lesser Countries rmentwicklung and là ¤ through prolonged life. Likewise, it provides the permeability trusted and the flexibility t, the nà ¶ tig is to be on the packaging market wettbewerbsfà ¤ hig be.

As hollow shaft direct motors with high power density they enable particularly compact machine solutions. By mounting the KBM motors directly on the load capacity of the machines, they offer the advantages of a rotary direct motor over traditional mechanical transmission systems. By eliminating components such as gearboxes and toothed belts, the machine throughput increases and the noise development decreases. In addition, maintenance and repair costs are reduced, machine downtimes are reduced and service life is increased. The efficiency of KBM engines is at least 10% higher than that of mechanical solutions such as engine-gearbox and timing belt systems. The series can handle high inertia ratios between rotor and load. Their acceleration and deceleration values ​​contribute to maximum throughput.

Compared with other direct motor solutions, the KBM series differs in its unique variety of differently designed standard components. Based on the modular principle, high-performance solutions can be quickly assembled from them. 14 sizes, 7 lengths, 150 prefabricated motor windings and numerous options free machine designers from restrictive specifications. To increase the application performance even an external air or water cooling can be installed, which increases the continuous torque of the engines considerably.

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