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deshIn this flywheel direct drive of Desch it is an evolution of the standard complete drives. These drives are designed for use in metal forming machines such as presses, stamping presses and shears. Beside the use in forming machines suitable inline direct drive KAE for driving all machines where the drive energy, based of a flywheel and the torque must be increased through a gearbox. An integrated clutch brake combination ensures safety and comfort circuit.

In the flywheel, a highly efficient torque motor is integrated, which works with almost no wear and offers the highest power density in the smallest installation space. This results in the advantage for the machine manufacturer, eliminates the need for motor bracket and the entire previously required belt drive can. This in turn simplifies the design of the machine and saves significant installation time.

The drop in speed of the flywheel - because of the energy extraction process at work - is the highly dynamic torque motor quickly recouped to the required rated speed. Setting up a machine at low speeds is by optional integrated sensor system is also possible. In addition, losses in efficiency and operating noise omitted by the belt. Through the integration of the engine into the flywheel connecting the dimensions of the standard series were retained.

Other sizes and designs such as a hydraulic KBK or without gears are also available.

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