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octacomThe high efficiency torque motor from Octacom offers absolute smoothness. Compared to conventional electric drive solutions for the theater, which use outrageously expensive gearboxes just to obtain the required torque with low noise, the lightweight direct drives are extremely cost-effective. The highly efficient machines are based on the patented η+tm technology, which achieves the highest torques thanks to an integrated magnetic gearbox.

With the need for a mechanical torque adjustment eliminates all negative side effects such as backlash, loss of efficiency and increased wear. Once installed, the motors run virtually maintenance-free. Due to their low-noise running characteristics, the models of the SQM series are also preferred in ventilation technology and as door operators. The motors can be operated on commercial frequency inverters directly on the grid. They perform servo drive tasks such as positioning with very good repeat accuracy and are very well suited for highly dynamic applications and in high-frequency reversing operation. Decisive for the use of rotary torque motors or linear motors in various areas are their greater reliability, higher torsional rigidity, superior precision, higher dynamics, longer life and lower installation and maintenance costs.

The powerful machines have no slip, regardless of voltage fluctuations and the amount of load. The full rated torque is available from standstill. It is also possible to connect several motors of the same type in parallel to one inverter; This makes it possible to implement synchronous operation very inexpensively and without additional measures. The SQM motors are currently available with edge dimensions from 95 to 320 mm and for a torque range from 5 to about 1350 Nm. Larger torques up to 6000 Nm are possible on request. The machines, which are particularly suitable for the low speed range, are designed in all common foot, flange and mixing designs and equipped with brakes and encoders if required. Direct drives often have to be adapted or integrated individually to the machine.

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