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koco motion

Koco Motion has its series of "Mdrive "hybrid stepper motor drives with the integrated patented "closed-loop" control HMT (hybrid motion technology) greatly expanded. Actuators in sizes NEMA 17, 23 and 34 are now available in different versions. In the version "Step-Torque-Speed", the control can be done on the one hand via a clock / direction input, wherein each clock is converted into a microstep of the motor.

On the other hand, the drive can be controlled via an analog input as a reference for speed or torque. In the version "Motion Control" the drive is programmable via a very powerful ASCII instruction set and the serial interface RS485. In size Mdrive Hybrid 23, the fieldbus CANopen is also available. As the latest development, the Ethernet interface TCP / IP has been integrated into this series, where either the ASCII command set or Modbus can be used as the software protocol.

The patented hybrid controller known so far under the name "AccuStep" operates the stepper motor like a brushless DC servo motor. With the help of this new technology, he can no longer fall out of step when exceeding the overturning moment and there is no step loss. It is resilient up to its overturning moment and can reduce the speed depending on the load - possibly down to standstill. This eliminates the typical limitations of the stepper motor and reduces power dissipation. The advantages of the stepping motor-typical high starting torque and the high-resolution positioning capability are retained. The available torque at higher speeds increases significantly, so that much more dynamic applications can be realized.

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