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buehlerThe new 63 mm motor from Bühler is the latest in a series of brushed permanent magnet DC motors. It combines high performance, quiet operation and long life with a flexible design for easier integration into a wide variety of drive systems. By using the latest magnetic technology based on inexpensive ferrite magnets in combination with an optimized design of the magnetic circuit, the 12-part armature structure guarantees maximum power density. Optimized for maximum copper filling anchor plate section and the use of particularly low-loss material allow maximum torque while optimally utilizing the available space.

Thanks to a special design of the magnetic edges, it was possible to reduce the cogging torque and thus significantly minimize vibrations and running noise. The two ball bearings ensure minimal friction losses and maximum service life even under extreme operating conditions. Both sides have identically constructed bearing plates, which can easily represent a wide variety of mounting layouts through their hole pattern. Various accessories, such as magnetic encoders with lower resolution or optical encoders with high resolution can be attached. The flexible end shield configuration also allows the mounting of electromagnetic brakes. The connection cables for motor contacting are designed with the new 63 mm motor both radially and axially flush with the motor. This allows optimal use of existing spatial conditions. Customer-specific connectors and cable lengths matched to the application round off the electrical interface.

A variety of suppression configurations are available, with in-line chokes and capacitors in series and in parallel. This provides optimal solutions to problems with RFI / EMI (Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference). By changing the wire diameter and the number of armature windings in the range between 12 V to 48 V can cover a very large speed range.

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