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The system house koco Motion offers in the power range up to 500 W the complete drive technology - from simple DC motor up to the high-precision servo-controlled positioning system. The focus of the trade fair presentation is the "Servotrack" module with which a stepper motor like a servo motor can operate - while maintaining its classic advantages. The servo track controller has a very fast response time of 50 ns and processes microsteps with 15 resolutions between 10 and 256 microsteps. When integrated into existing systems can z. B. an existing clock / direction control usually continue to be used.

The BLM series of brushless DC motors with Hall sensors and encoders with 1000 lines, together with the ACS servo controls, provide a powerful drive combination for precisely controlled rotational movement and positioning. The power range goes up to 200 W at speeds up to approx. 3000 min-1, Small microstep controls with clock / direction input complete the previous product range. The wide power range has been extended up to 80 V supply voltage and now provides effective phase rated currents of 5,6 A. The high-resolution "Ezi-Servo "-Antriebe is now also available with integrated control. The first version is the clock / direction input in three sizes. The available encoder resolutions are up to 20.000 increments per revolution. With the patented DSP-based servo control of the stepper motors, control accuracies of one encoder increment can be implemented.

Last but not least, the series of "MDrive "hybrid drives not only greatly expanded, but also with an Ethernet TCP / IP interface fitted. The patented integrated "closed loop control HMI" (hybrid motion control) was formerly known as "AccuStep". In addition, there is now the MDrive Hybrid 23 in the version Motion Control with CANopen or Ethernet TCP / IP interface for easy integration into appropriate networks.

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