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With the patented "Servotrack" step frequency converter from koco Motion becomes a stepper motor by perfect motor monitoring to the DC servomotor. The servo track controller has a very fast response time of 50 ns and handles microsteps with 15 resolutions between 10 and 256 microsteps. When integrated into existing systems can z. B. an existing clock / direction control usually continue to be used. The controller is then integrated between controller and driver. The stepper motor only requires an encoder with at least 100 lines, which is then evaluated in the intermediate servo-track controller.

With the help of this module, the stepper motor can no longer fall out of step when exceeding the overturning moment and no steps are lost anymore. The motor behaves like a DC servomotor. In operation with clock / direction input z. B. the incoming step rates, if necessary, changed so that the speed lowers at too high a load until the increased torque can be applied, if necessary, to a standstill.

Significantly more dynamic acceleration and braking operations are possible because the full torque of the engine can be exploited. Thus, the typical limitations of the stepper motor are eliminated. In addition, the power loss is much lower, while retaining the benefits of high torque and positioning capability. This eliminates the need to consider the safety margin of up to 50% when dimensioning the drive. The parameterization is very easy via a USB interface and a graphical user interface (GUI). A servo-type controller tuning is not required, so that fast retooling and setup times are possible.

For stepper motor drives new functions such as torque mode can be used. In this case, a limit torque is defined up to which the motor is to be operated. This opens up possibilities for applications such as thread tensioners, screwdrivers, clamping devices, feeders, etc. These can now be implemented instead of servo drives by the much lower-cost stepper motor technology. The module also includes a "Velocity" mode, with which - without additional controller - a constant speed can be set and driven. This saves space and costs. When using Servotrack z. As in conveyor belt systems eliminates the blocking that can occur due to rapid and large load fluctuations. Another new feature for stepper motor systems is the "variable current" mode. With him only the actually required motor current for each required torque is provided. This results in a much higher system efficiency while reducing engine heating compared to classic stepper motor systems.

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