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northWith compact decentralized drives provides Nord Drivesystems cost-effective solutions for large scale installations requiring numerous drive units. With their flexible range of functions, the devices can fulfill all typical control tasks in conveyor technology applications - whether on construction sites, airport luggage racks or in the automotive industry. More than 1000 integrated combinations of geared motor and frequency converter, for example, tirelessly ensure fast and reliable transport in the main parcel sorting system of a French delivery service.

The drive concept for the thousands of meters long conveyor system was decentralized with a view to minimal wiring and installation effort. The drives on the belt conveyors combine the frequency converter, motor and bevel gear or worm gear. With a capacity of 30.000 parcels per hour, the distribution center south of Paris is one of the most efficient in Europe. Packages must be routed to the correct loading ramp within a fixed time limit of three minutes, relying on precise engine control and synchronization.

The compact geared motors in the block housing offer a high power density at low weight, making them ideal for decentralized and mobile applications. The frequency inverters already feature in the basic equipment a wide range of functions. They are mounted directly on the motor terminal box - the integrated design ensures EMC compliance and saves costs for shielded motor cables and control cabinets. The drives with an efficiency above 97% can handle without external cooling and withstand mechanical influences as well as fluctuating mains voltages and rapid temperature changes. Instead of IP55 protection, they are also optionally available in IP66 versions.

Interface modules for Profibus DP, Interbus, EtherCAT, CANopen / DeviceNet and ASi are available for the connection to communication networks. The manufacturer also offers optional function modules for decentralized drives for solving demanding tasks that previously could only be mastered with expensive servo technology - for example for "flying saw" applications.

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