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SEWSEW Eurodrive makes a smart Smart servo package in front. It includes predefined combinations of controls, servo drives, matching cables, synchronous servomotors and planetary gears. The drive determination and solution selection is carried out with the aid of combinatorics and assignment tables as well as graphic procedures simply and accurately. The coordinated package components save customers and OEMs valuable time in selecting, installing and commissioning the system.

The central component of the Smart Servo Package (SSP) is the "Movitrac LTX" servo drive. This powerful compact drive has a single or three-phase infeed, 16,5 A rated output current and is overloadable up to 250%. It automatically sets all relevant parameters after reading the electronic nameplate data in the Hiperface encoder. This makes the start particularly quick and easy. As an alternative to using the operating software or a start-up wizard, you can also set the remaining parameters using the built-in control panel. For simple applications, the drive with ± 10 V, Step / Dir or encoder interface can be easily and analogously operated with an external control.

For more sophisticated control operations, the Movitrac LTX drive can be combined with the manufacturer's custom communication gateways and motion controllers. Variable speed applications are made possible by simple communication with fieldbus or Ethernet gateways. For positioning applications, a large number of scalable solutions are available - right up to multi-axis solutions. The Application Configurator and the Configurable Control Unit (CCU) together provide a powerful and cost-effective way to control many common applications through predefined application modules that are merely parameterized. In addition, you can write custom IEC61131 programs and control up to 16 axes with the motion controller "Movi-PLC". It significantly relieves the burden on the main or host controller and helps to save space and costs. The resulting modularization gives customers and OEMs more control over the complexity and cost of their drive solution.

The Smart Servo Package offers the ability to scale the automation levels required for a wide range of machine types, from simple speed applications to powerful, flexible multi-axis applications. It uses only a single controller and drive platform - an advantage usually reserved for much more expensive control architectures.

The package is given its electromechanical performance by the combination with synchronous motors CMP and planetary gear PSC. The motor series offers standstill torques up to 7,1 Nm and peak torques up to 31 Nm. The latest winding and magnet technology ensures extremely compact motors and the low-inertia rotor makes them particularly dynamic. Standard features such as KTY temperature sensors, electrical nameplate and optional holding brakes ensure reliability and ease of use.

The low-backlash PSC planetary gearheads are highly efficient and wear-free. Thanks to highly resilient bearings and housings they have a high torsional rigidity and shear force load capacity. Lifelong lubrication allows a long, maintenance-free service life. The integrated input adapter of the PSC transmission forms with the CMP motor a compact servo gear motor with perfect fit and optimal alignment - without the use of external couplings. The customer assembly and disassembly are possible at any time.

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